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HOT Joomla Carousel Pro

We are selling this module for $9.95. However, you will get it FREE with this template purchase.


hot joomla carouselNeed to display your images or articles in a carousel? Easily done with our new Joomla extension.

HOT Joomla Carousel Pro is Joomla module that will help you to show your articles and photos in a carousel style. You can see how it works on this demo site. Usage is very simple. You need to enter path to your images or source IDs of your content pages, sections or categories, and your carousel is ready.


Open module parameters in Extensions > Module Manager > HOT Joomla Carousel Pro. You'll see that some default parameters are already there. However, you should change some of them to accomodate module for usage on your site.

Please mouse over any parameter to see its description and sample usage in pop-up window. The following (looong) image shows all available parameters of this module.

joomla carousel module

HOT Scroller - Joomla News Ticker

joomla news tickerThis module will create a Joomla Scroller of your content pages. You can select any section or category of articles, or pick separate articles. This is perfect Joomla News Ticker for all kind of news portals powered by Joomla!

The "HOT Scroller" module by is a fully configurable Joomla articles scroller. It will create news ticker from selected articles of your Joomla site. In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can change width, height, text color, source of content, etc. You can see how the module works on this template demo. In this case, we set scroller width to 1000px and height to 24px, scroll speed to 8 and font size to 11px.


joomla scroller parameters


The Hot Scroller module options:

HEIGHT OF THE MODULE: Overall height of the module in pixels (in example 200).
HEADING, TEXT, DATE and READ MORE LINK COLORS: Please select any color using the color picker.
FONT-SIZE: Select font size per your preference.

SCROLL SPEED: Select speed of the scrolling articles.
SCROLL DIRECTION: From left to right or from right to left.

Many other parameters are related to source of your content. Please check the image to see all parameters of the module.

This module can be purchased separately ($9.95), but you will get it FREE with Joomla Sports Template Hot Sportal!

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Statutární město Brno v roce 2020 poskytlo klubu dotaci na provoz ve výši 830.000,-Kč.


Statutární město Brno v roce 2020 poskytlo klubu dotaci na mládež ve výši 1.052.000,-Kč.


Statutární město Brno v roce 2019 poskytlo klubu dotaci na provoz ve výši 830 000,- Kč

Statutární město Brno v roce 2019 poskytlo klubu dotaci na mládež 1 068 000,- Kč

Statutární město Brno v roce 2019 poskytlo klubu dotaci na talentovanou mládež (SpSm) 184 000,- Kč

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