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Flexible Widths

You can define overall template width as well as widths of the left hand side and the right hand side columns with modules. All of this is done very easily in the template configuration. Main content area will be calculated to fit best between the left hand side and the right hand side column, no matter what values you entered for them. Also, if you don't have left or right modules published on certain pages, main content area will occupy their space.

The left column, the right column and the main content area can switch their places. You have can have any of these combination:

  • Left-Main-Right
  • Left-Right-Main
  • Main-Left-Right


Our Templates Don't Make Conflicts

jquery noConflictjQuery is powerful javascript library. Almost all of our extensions are based on that library (Top Menu, HOT Image Slider, HOT Newsflash, HOT Joomla Gallery, HOT Joomla Carousel, Lightbox, Font resizer, more are coming...). However, many Joomla extensions from other providers use other libraries (mooTools or prototype).

Using them together on a page will probably make conflicts. As a result, some or all of your extensions would not work.

However, we have found a solution. Our Joomla extensions use "jQuery noConflict mode". Therefore, with our templates, beside our extensions, you can also use other extensions from other providers based on other libraries.

Hot Sportal Template Features

Hot Sportal template Joomla sports template, together with Joomla and several Joomla extensions from the template package, is a perfect combination for your Sport news portal, or any other kind of Joomla news portal. Hot Joomla Carousel Pro will make some of your news articles stand out as the most important on the home page. New Hot Scroller module will allow you to make a Joomla news ticker for the latest news. Another new extension, Hot Lightbox module, allows you to create slide shows in minutes.

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Module Positions

This template has support for 22 module positions. All module positions are collapsible. If no modules are published on some module positions, those module positions will automatically collapse.

module positions

Činnost klubu podporuje Statutární město BRNO


Statutární město Brno v roce 2019 poskytlo klubu dotaci na provoz ve výši 830 000,- Kč

Statutární město Brno v roce 2019 poskytlo klubu dotaci na mládež 1 068 000,- Kč

Statutární město Brno v roce 2019 poskytlo klubu dotaci na talentovanou mládež (SpSm) 184 000,- Kč

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Stránky trenérů

Sparta Brno - roč. 2000
Sparta Brno - roč. 2001
Sparta Brno - roč. 2002
Sparta Brno - roč. 2003
Sparta Brno - roč. 2004
Sparta Brno - roč. 2005
Sparta Brno - roč. 2006
Sparta Brno - roč. 2007
Sparta Brno - roč. 2009
Sparta Brno - roč. 2010


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